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I hear a clunk when I shift back and forth from park to reverse and give it a little gas while pressing the break pedal to prevent the car from moving. I just replaced the ball joints so I'm thinking an engine mount broke loose. The one on the right side was getting splashed with oil so I wrapped it in aluminum foil to protect the rubber. Is it possible the mount broke because the rubber failed due to oil saturation? What else could it be? Inner tie rod(s) maybe?

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Check the front engine mount. Its the one that usually goes - the front (left side)of the engine lifts up under acceleration and tends to tear the rubber in the mount.

To check it, have a buddy give it some gas with his foot on the brake while you watch the engine. If the front of the motor lifts, you need a front mount.

That clunk is the symptom I had when mine went bad. The rear (right) mount gets pressed down under acceleration, so its less prone to trouble.

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Within reason.

Your engine will lift a little, even with a brand new engine mount.

What jackc means, is not a whole lot of travel(between 1" or more).

Big Jay

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