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Vinyl & rubber dressng

Ed Fenwick

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I have been using Armorall on my cars for a long time and am happy with it except that it is expensive. What do you guys use on: Tires, dash, package tray, rubber trim ect. It is not that I am cheep, just want to be a good steward of my money. Tks Ed

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I will highly advise against the use of any Armorall® products!

They have a silicone base, and are terrible for any and all rubber, leather, or even plastic.

In fact if you do use it, you have to make sure it is always wet, or it will cause damage over the years.

Tires, for example are just over 60% oil base, and the silicone does not allow the rubber to breathe, and over time will cause a dry rot. The same applies to leather, and plastics, except the oil levels are not as high.

I have always, advised the use of saddle soap, on all surfaces(except clear plastic, and glass). Saddle soap contains natural oils, and conditions as it cleans, as well as penetrates oils into the surfaces being cleaned.

If you do find you need the wet tire look, then look for a non-silicone based gloss.

Big Jay :P

Life is too short to grow up!

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