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Running on empty = fuel pump failure

Bill K

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I was just listening to the XM NASCAR channel & they had a "tip" about fuel pumps. Seems that the gas in the tank helps cool the fuel pump. People that drive around with a near empty tank have more fuel pump failures than folks who keep at least a half tank of gas.

Ever heard of that? Its a first for me.

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I have heard that, but the argument to that, is that the fuel is cooling the pump as it is pumped through it as opposed to being submerged in it. I dunno. Both have merit and sound logical.

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I ran my old STS on empty quite often and now that i think of it i did have to replace the fuel pump, car died in the middle of an intersection, NOW THAT WAS EMBARASSING.

Not sure if it was directly related to running on empty or not. I went the cheap way and had a used sending unit iinstalled, darn gas guage was always off by a 1/4 tank or so.

Matt B)

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It is the fuel flowing through the pump that cools it. Running until the low fuel message come on will not harm your fuel system.

Running out of fuel and attempting to keep the engine running by repeatedly starting the engine is very hard on the fuel pump.

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