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Northstar oil drip fix


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Tired of the oil stains where you park? Willing to spend an hour or two on your back to possibly stop the oil drip?

My '98 has been dripping oil for many years and many many thousands of miles. One of those PITA items that you notice when you change the oil and see the bottom surface of the crankcase, the bottom surface of the transaxle, and probably many places farther to the rear, are coated with a film of engine oil that has to be coming from somewhere.

I made a (rare) executive decision and installed new crankshaft position sensor O rings (part # 10472920) 5 months ago and washed / rinsed / blotted the residual oil as much as possible.

When I put the car up on the ramps today to check the results, guess what I see?? DRY surfaces!!

Do not expect this little potential fix to improve your overall oil consumption with a high mileage engine. Very little oil was leaking past the O rings; it's not a pressure leak.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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I removed and re-installed it, thinking it was the VSS sensor, or whatever the hell controls the speedometer.

I was really pissed at myself,....15 minutes to remove, about 1 hour trying to put back in unsuccessfully, ....then coercing my wife to get on her back and screw it back in with her tiny hand....(she wasn't a happy camper either...)

It's above the oil filter on the 4.6L....

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