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Hey I got this new Caddy and im getting used to using everything, becasue its differn't from the 1995. But my question is how do i set the seat. do i put it in the position and hit memory set and the number I want. Mine remembers the steering wheel setting but not the seat setting. Am I doing something wrong, help me please.

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I have a 1998 as well....I simply put everything where I want it to be including the seats and hit set followed by mem1 or 2. It should now remember your seat position, steering, HVAC, Stereo presets and settings (although those seam to go out of whack sometimes), and outside mirror settings. If you are of average height you probably have the seat back all the way or pretty far back - if so - its handy after you set the memery seat to crank up the steering wheel and press set Exit.

Also, your stereo will chirp to signal the acceptance of the new settings.

Give it a try...if it doesn/t work do it again with the ignition to on.

Tom R.

1998 Cadillac STS with 102K Miles

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The problem you are experiencing with the lack of the seat position memory function could be due to a problem with the memory seat module (MSM), which is located under the driver seat assembly. A loss of function in the MSM would not affect the operation of the door panel's memory switches or the tilt/telescope steering column's memory function, since the switches and the tilt/telescope module (TTM) are completely separate from the MSM, although they all communicate with each another via the vehicle's Class 2 serial data network.

Have you used the onboard diagnostics functions that are built into the instrument panel cluster (IPC) to check for diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) in the MSM? If not, then I would encourage you to do so. If any DTCs are stored in the MSM or other modules, then they could pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

If you are not familiar with using the onboard diagnostic functions, search for information on this subject in past threads on the caddyinfo.com board -- it has been discussed several times in the past. Be advised that the procedures for checking and clearing DTCs in '98+ Sevilles (and '00+ Devilles) are different from those used in '92+ Eldorados, '92 - '97 Sevilles, etc.

Good luck!

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