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Pretty soon it will be


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I was just checking through all the things that were repaired or replaced on the 01 deville for one reason or another between having my wheels stolen and tow truck damage and normal wear items

.I'll keep this one as long as possible

I'm sure I missed some items Just part of normal ownership And I almost traded this one in yesterday I was offered a very good price on a trade in towards a dealer demo car sts if i would have had my wife with me I probably would have went for the sts but I really like this dts..Glad she was not with me she likes the 05 sts much better than this dts..and she would have given me the nudge to get the sts..It was a white diamond 05 fully loaded with a biege int. it sure looked nice with the sun roof open and the northstar logo on the deck lid..I'm just checking things out thinking about that sts, trying to justify dumping the 01



rr door glass & molding

lr door glass & molding

r front seat covers

l front seat covers

dash top panel

r side knee bolster dash

inst. cluster

rf cornering light

rear lic light housing assy.

rear stop light

cam sensors

r. dash wood trim piece

shift knob

steering wheel

engine overhaul rings and pistons

water pump & housing cover



all fluids

4 new tires

4 wheels

4 center caps

4 new tire monitor sensors & stems

all brake pads

new exhaust cat back

rf fender painted

lf fender painted

rr quarter panel painted

lr quarter panel painted

replace rear bumper cover

replace front bumper cover

new grill

new front carpet

hood liner sound deadener

exterior emblems

wiper arms & blades

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Hi johnnydone

I still have about 1.5 yrs. left of my warranty so for now it's not an issue I never like to buy any car the first model year it comes out I like to get the second year that way if there is any major issues with the car it's usually corrected by then.



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right now with employeee pricing and one year warranty left on your car i would think u might be in a better trade position right now than next year just a thought

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