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Fuel Filter Replacement

Vince P

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Re: Replacing the Fuel Filter

1994 Seville

Replacing the fuel filter seems straight forward. The only problem is the the fuel line is pressured to 40psi +.

Will the pressure bleed down if I do not use the car for a few days?

If it is still pressurized with the line "explode on me?

Vince P

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Locate the fuel pump fuse and pull it loose.

Use an air compressor nozzle to blow dirt out of the connector couplings where they meet the fuel filter. If you don't do this, you might get junk in the fuel line (going to the engine) when you reassemble.

With the ignition "off" place a catch pan under the filter and use a rag to cover the connector area and the line coupling tool while you disengage the couplings.

Some fuel will spill as you do this, but it won't be too much.

It is very important to place a drop of oil on the connection points so the o-rings inside the fuel line couplings will slip along the filter connection points. Otherwise, they may not fully seat and will blow loose at the worst moment. You don't want an undercarriage thermal event.

Good luck! :)

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I like the term "undercarriage thermal event" LOL

Some people might want this, I know some days it would solve all my problems!!!LOL

Life is too short to grow up!

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You can also hook up a fuel pressure gage to the fuel rail and use the bleed button on the gage to bleed off the pressure in the line.

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