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Water leak

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Again, when it rains, the water leaks into the passenger side from behind the glove box on my 2000 Catera.

When I had new wiper blades installed, the installers broke a piece off of the venting unit that houses the wipers. Unfortunately I didn't notice it until it started raining and the water began pouring in, ugh!

Could something be clogging the outflow or what is going on?

Help, help help!

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I definately think I would be going back to whoever broke something!

Just bring your reciept, and tell them, it started after the install.

Life is too short to grow up!

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I can't make em fix it. The problem didn't start until the rains came, which was a month later.

It just started doing it all of a sudden. The water didn't come in previously when I washed the car.

I just don't understand what is going on. Perhaps debris got into the drain path on the passenger side, and is blocking the water from running out,

Got me stymied.

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