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I have replaced the shift soldenoids in my 94 Eldorado, and as this my first effort inside a tranny, I need some help.

The valve body has 4 steel ball bearings that I assume are check valves.

3 of them were easy to identify where they should be placed, into the ports next to the small relief holes in the bottom of the valve body. However the 4th one near the shift solenoids is not as clear, as the valve body lower piece does not have a good reference point to install the ball valve. In inspecting the top of the body, I see 4 milled locations that look indentical, that align perfectly with the 3 obvious locations in the bottom of the body. The 4th location that looks milled for one of the balls is very near the shift solenoids. So I did is bass ackwards, and installed the balls in the milled locations in the valve body top, with the top laying flat, and turned up, then installed the bottom of the valve body onto the top, aligned it, compressed it with my hands, and turned it all over for the installation of the bolts that hold the top and bottom together.

Since I have not reinstalled the valve body yet, can someone tell me if this sounds correct. I hope someone who has experienced this can help me.



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Not 100% sure this is your valve body; but maybe you will recognize the layout. You are interested in items #5, 7, 8, and 9.


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I recall from doing this job, there is a check ball near the shift solenoids that is not obvious where it goes, by visual inspection of the spacer plate. I figured it out by identifying a spherical cavity cast into the valve body, that looked liked it accommodated the check ball.

From what you have described, it sounds like you may have it right. It was a few years ago, but I recall it looked like the ball traveled, as well.

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The process I used to assemble the valve body is sound, as the work is complete, and everything works as it should.

So if you have trouble finding the location for that 4th steel check valve on the lower piece of the valve body assembly, which is the largest piece of the valve body, simply take the top half, lay it down upright, place the steel balls into the spherical chambers, of which there are 4, then place the larger bottom half onto the smaller top half, align the two halves, carefully grip the assembly without moving anything, and turn the complete assembly over so you can replace the bolts which hold the assembly together.

Thanks to all who responded to my post.

This was my first time inside a transmission, other than to change filters, and I was able to change the shift solenoids to fix my downshifting problem for my 94 Eldorado.

Ken ;):rolleyes::blink:

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We just did the same repair on a 95 STS, and it was fairly simple. There is a shop in Dunnville Ontario that does it for only $300.00 Canadian. You supply the shift solenoids. If anyone needs the address or phone # just let me know?

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