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MY wife has been noticing the 05 sts's on the road. And then will mention we need to take one for a ride. Then will mention we could get rid of the dts and get an sts. I told her that's fine except we will dump your 05 deville and go for an 06 sts. I finally got the dts the way I want it so I will keep it for awhile. The car has been gone through inside and out looks as good as an 05 so I'll keep the the 01.



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Have you seen the info on the '06 DTS? If not, check cadillac.com... in my mind, it will certainly merit a look. I'm thinking of it as the '98-02 STS I never got, but with a stretched wheelbase, magnetic shocks, remote start, and a handsome "Art & Science" design. Based on the few photos available, I personally think it looks pretty good... can't wait to see it in person.

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