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1994 STS, wow wow what a month


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Well, 2 mechanics, and a month and 1/2 later, the transmission is now replaced in my 1994 STS.

However a whole new slew of problems have been created.

1. "Brake Fluid Switch Problem" message is shown, along with ABS, and Brake lights

2. "Wierd "thud" or tick type of noise when accelerating from stop just for a second.....can feel it thru the pedal.

3. Car takes over 5 seconds to crank over, causing the service engine soon light to come on.

Theres a whole slew of History Codes, however here are the current codes




There are still 2 wires that are not connected, none of these 2 idiots can find them, nor do I know why the first guy cut them.

Its been a rough ride the last month or so, and I WAS looking forward to driving my STS again...

any help is greatly appreaciated.

The car is going back Tuesday, so I hope to educate him a little on what to troubleshoot....because he is clueless as it stands

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It looks like one wire of these two should be connected to brake fluid tank switch. After you'll reconnect it T083 will became a "history". The code S030 is SSS solenoid related and may be related to the second wire.

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I'm very sorry any one is going through these problems, beleve me I had my share of problems with my 93 Seville, 4.9L I went through engine, PCM, distributor and bad ground wire problems, not to mention odds and ends like ignition module and map sensor. I can't help to much except to bring this back to page one for you. Maybe that will bring some new interest into your topic. Best of luck to you. Matt

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Hey, it sound like you are having as much luck as I am this time.

I really feel for you buddy, I know it sucks!

I hope our luck will turn around soon!?

Life is too short to grow up!

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