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I going to add the cooling supplement to the dexcool in my car today. I had to go to the dealer to pick up a part. So I figured I would ask the mechanic if he added the supplement when the engine work was done and it was added. It appeared it was in the coolant but I wasn't sure the supplement turns the dexcool a funky color. It Almost looks dirty compared to just dexcool. Glad I asked saved me the trouble playing around adding it.. I guess I'll do some work around the house I need to install some new entry lights on the front and side doors. They have been in the box for a couple weeks and my wife is bugging me to install them. Giving me hints Asking is it hard to install the new lights.Easy enough job it should take about an hour tops.I F with her though I tell her I may have to run some new wires and cut open some walls to do them..She remembers when I did some remodeling in the kitchen I had to open up a wall to run some wires for the new items



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