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GXP 303hp, a NorthStar?, like the STS?


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Q1. Does the Pontiac GXP still use a NorthStar? The Speed channel report noted it "...as the highest horsepower front wheel drive car that GM makes..." or something like that. Why the power diff?

Q2. IF yes on Q1, then does the GXP and STS use the same engine/body/suspension basics, but just different shells and clip-ons?

They showed the GXP a bit with the new GTO (that I thought had about 400hp and gobs of torque). The GXP did very well against its rivals (but how they were chosen baffles me).

They paired a Mustang GT against the GTO and of course the semi-standard GT got whomped. There were also some off shore makes that lost on power runs but did better on handling. The Mustang has a live axle against a IRS on the GTO (which won the handling do you suppose?)

Just observations,


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The new Grand Prix GTP uses the OHV Vortec 5300. 303 hp and 330 lb*ft of torque or something similar. I'd LOVE to take a spin in that car. I'll always have a soft spot for pushrod engines, and I applaud GM for keeping one HECKOVA pushrod engine program in their LS-series V8 engines.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

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