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2o pin trans connector, where the heck is it?


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just got a 96 deville with 4t80e tranny, it's in limp mode, only trans codes is 0741. I want to check the 20 pin connector and clean it, and if that's no go, backprobe it. where in the heck is it, the only 20 pin i found so far is for the injectors. I have the atra manual, and it does not show where, i guess if you do trannies there is some assumed knowledge (which i don't have) somebody please point me in the right direction. thanks

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The connector is down along the side of the transmission - basically just behind the torque converter area at the point where the transmission case seam is located.

Stand at the fender on the driver's side and look where the upper oil coolant line connects to the transmission housing. If you move toward the engine and then down the forward-facing (left) side of the tranny, this is where the connector harness wires exit the transmission. Follow the short harness (about 10") and you'll see the connector. You may have to get under the car to reach it easier.

Squeeze the connector to disengage the latching clips on each side but DO NOT twist the connector apart. The pins are very small and are easily damaged. Look for transmission fluid / dirt inside the connector area. This can cause problems. Clean it with rubbing alcohol and gently blow it dry with an air gun.

I'd avoid the backprobe unless you an be absolutely sure you can seal the wires.

good luck! :)

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