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Raced an Audi S4


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Today I was being dogged by an Audi S4 in traffic..(350 HP V8). When we came to the light we both took off full throttle, I was right with him all the way to 90, my Deville sounded amazing. I am sure he was impressed that such a big car hung with him. However when we approached the next light my idle stumbled badly and I set a code, P1108 - MAP/BARO Sensor Circuit Comparison Too High.

I pulled to the side of the road, check the codes, this P1108 was in history and I cleared it....the idle returned to normal within about a minute of the code setting. Did I attain WARP speed? :lol:

I have not looked at the code in the manual yet to see what causes it but was curious what you guys thought... I am using 93 octane, but I must say that I have not been happy with this load of 93 octane since I have filled up with it (BJ's no name 93). My idle has been somewhat uneven and she has even stalled a few times while I was diagnosing my compressor... Maybe I have something going on, any ideas?

PS while I filled up at BJ's they were getting a load of gas, I never like getting gas when a station is getting a delivery, this cements that idea home....

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