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Hey Logan


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I was at the dealer today and was looking at 04 05 dts's and noticed that they all have the same emblems smooth tops with the colors in the caddy logo's. I know in 01 the had the silver and black for the dts but not the newer ones



The base Deville and the DHS use the color ones. The DTS uses the gray ones.

So in my case....I did just the opposite on the fake DTS.....off with the color ones and put the grays on.

Also.....FYI.....2 versions of both available... early cars have the 7 nuggets on top....latter cars use the newer smooth tops. This also extends to wheel covers and the air bag cover etc.

I also replaced my '32vnorthstar' with the newer NS emblem like yours.

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The older cars had the gray one or the color ones with nuggets.

So I took off the color/nugget ones and put on gray/nugget ones....

I think it was 2002 when the change to smooth tops was done...

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