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My new 97 D'Elegance

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Okay. I see there is this new code PZM B0533. I see it is Fuel Sensor open/shorted to B+......What needs to be done for this?

IU still have under the 30 day repair clause with the dealer I baught it from, so I need to know what to say when I go see him in the am.

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Sounds like the the fuel level sensor needs replacing. I believe the fuel tank needs to be dropped and the fuel pump assembly needs to be pulled out to get to the sensor.

In some cases, the sensor can be purchased separately from the fuel pump assembly.

You don't give the miles on the vehicle, but if it's in good enough shape to keep it for 5+ years, you might want to bite the bullet and replace the fuel pump while you're at it for good measure.

Good luck.

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