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Removal of the thermostat will actual have the opposite effect. It sounds silly, but the coolant flow will be to rapid for it to absorb heat and carry it away from the engine. and what heat is absorbed in the coolant is carried through the radiator too fast to be radiated into the air.

I know, because in 1967 I tried the same thing with a 1948 Willys CJ-2A that I had stuffed a 250 HP 327 Chevy into. I had the stock radiator outlets changed so I could use it on the Chevy. I had the same thought, remove the thermostat & it will run cooler. WRONG! :(

That little sucker would boil over at the drop of a hat. So I got a cross flow Ford radiator with an expansion tank. Cut out the front crossmember & replaced it with a 6" channel iron. The Ford radiator sat in the channel. Got it all hooked up & thought that I had it under control. (still no thermostat) Went out & she boiled over just as fast as before. NO Change! :blink:

My dad then suggested putting a thermostat back in, which I did. Presto! no more overheat! :P

The Northstar will cycle up to about 228 degrees with no ill effects. It will do that in bumper to bumper traffic. Turning the air on will usually cool it down because then the fans turn & run all the time that the A/C is running. My N* usually runs from 198 to 203. but if I sit & idle for any period of time, the temp will get up into the 220's.

According to Guru, this is normal and nothing to be concerned about. If your engine is getting into the 230 to 240 range, then something is wrong & needs to be fixed.

So the short answer is No, don't try to run the engine without a thermostat.

Good Luck,


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Can the northstar engine operate without a thermostat. So that it wont overheat

Can't imagine why you'd want to do that. Are you overheating? More info would be helpful.



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