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Navigation Radio reset


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I have a 2002 Aurora with a factory CD navigation radio and i have a weird problem with it that its not communication with satellite and sometimes likes to get lost and doesnt tell me attitude and longtitude. I checked the antenna and its connected and everything is looking good. here is the question is there anyway to reset the navigation to the factory setting, it looks like all the DVD navigations only its CD based, need help with it.

Thank You

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I am not very familiar with the Aurora navigation radio, and your description of the problems does not give a lot of detail. But, if you just want to try "resetting" the radio, you can remove the radio's power supply fuse for 30 seconds and then reinstall it. According to my online service manual, the Aurora radio uses a 10 Amp (red) 'AUDIO' fuse, located in the rear fuse block, which is mounted under the rear seat bottom cushion, alongside the battery. The seat cushion removes easily by pulling up on the front corners of the cushion. (The owner's manual describes how to remove the cushion and locate the fuses.)

Good luck!

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