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1997 STS - take it before I change my mind

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I am sad to say that I need to let go of my STS. We now have 3 cars: 96 Aurora, 97 STS and 2000 SLS. My wife will not part with the Aurora so its goodbye old friend.

I am going to take some nice shots of it tomorrow and post a website for the car, until then, here are the vitals.

1997 Cadillac Seville 170,000 miles

69,000 miles on replacement engine

Polo Green


Integrated Voice activated Cellular phone

Onstar Capable

Trunk CD changer, bose audio

Rain Sense Wipers

Chrome wheels

All the other goodies of course

Exterior good / average condition, several scratches rock dings. Large scratches in rear passenger 1/4 panel.

Interior : driver seat, steering wheel and shift knob show signs of wear. Driver door panel was falling off, so I screwed it into the door - it does not look the greatest, this could be easily fixed. All other seating positions are in good condition

New front rotors, brakes in good condition. Pedal feels a bit spongy - may need some bleeding. The catalytic converter is new as well

Just replaced water pump, radiator to address a coolant leak

Passive front struts

Newer: Starter, alternator, blower motor, plugs and wires

Aftermarket exhaust

Drawtite trailer hitch

SS fuel rail

The post cat 02 sensor is shot. I have wired up the sensor so no codes are displayed.

The tires are worn and should be replaced soon.

The engine runs great, idle is smooth, acceleration is smooth and constant. City mileage is about 18mpg and highway at 75 is 23+mpg.

I am asking $4200 to take the car. You can check it out locally in Hugo, MN or in Arden Hills / Shoreview MN during the workday.

Contact me at 651-762-4666, you can email me at maydog@hotmail.com, chat on MSN messenger with the same address or talk with me for free using SKYPE user maydog.

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