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my 93 seville passed inspection again !!!


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My 93 Seville passed inspection again !!!!! What a great car. Here's what I had to fix & the cost. I have had this car since 96...my one & only car ever !!!!!

- One side of the muffler which had been patched previously, and this was the original one $280

- Brake pads & rotors front & back, which were ready to go & I only fixed once in 9 years, plus a few lines which were leaking & the proportioning valve which was ruined from leaking brake fluid. Fluid had been leaking for about a year and needed to be filled up more & more frequently over time $800

- 3rd brake light (diode strip), which no one has new but the dealer for $450, so I found it at a junk yard for $75 & removed/installed it myself & pretty proud of it since I am a GIRL !!! Anyone else needing the 3rd brake light, there are some on ebay for $100, which was my next plan. (while I was at the junk yard also got the power antenna which has been broken for a while for $40)

So total was around $1200 & that hurt, but the work needed to be done & I am not giving up this car until it is DEAD.

This car is still as clean & nice on the inside as when I got it, the outside has a few dents, but still looks great. Check it out...this picture was taken last summer....

Thanks for all the help & advice over the years...Charlene

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Not bad, for a GIRL ;) Just kidding. I'm proud of you, and I don't even know you. For future reference, Logan of logandiagnostics, who postes here can fix your center brake light but even he can't beat your price. Also, if your antenna motor runs but the mast does not move, there is a kit to replace the broken cable inside but you didn't do too bad there either. Keep the cooling system mantained and she should serve you well for a long time.

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Hi, I have a 93 Seville to. They are sure nice cars. Mine also is in need of the 3rd brake light but I have two choices. There is a web site called www.ledfix.com and there you can have your light rebuilt for 150 bucks. There are a few options they offer, it's a pretty good site so any one in need should check them out. I have been thinking about repairing mine myself. I'v thought about it a few times and can see the only hard part will be opening the light fixture. I believe the left 3rd of the light that is out is because of a crack on the circuit board, I can put in a jumper and get it going again. Good luck with your Seville.

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