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Put the beat down on an Eclipse GS-T


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Yahoo, haha!

A friend of mine from school has an Eclipse GS-T. That is the one with the intercooled turbo. We were coming home from school (last day :D) and he was next to me at a light. He followed me around to another street. It was a two lane road with no traffic or intersections. I started driving down the street and he was behind me about 100yds. I then saw him gaining quick, so I floored it at about 35 and ran it up to 90. He didn't gain an inch. I was very surprised! His Eclipse is supposed to do the 0-60 in the mid 6s. Maybe he doesn't know how to drive, haha. I talked to him afterwards. He said he was trying his hardest. He was very surprised.

I guess I technically did not beat him, but I didn't lose either. We tied! The only thing I have done to the STS is a performance muffler. I have the 200HP 275Ft.lb TQ 4.9L engine.

I usually would not do things like this, but it was the last day of school and I was excited, haha.

Have fun! B)

18 Year Old Male

Black 1992 STS 4.9L

90,XXX Miles

Flowmaster 80 series muffler :D

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