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Hi Jack,

I suggest you search this topic as several of us have posted within the last 6 months regarding tips on how to replace an alternator.

One important part is to install the new alternator by first installing the two bolts on the back of the alternator before installing the two main upper and lower alternator mounting bolts. The reason is that you want be able to move or float the alternator ever so slightly to allow proper alignment of those two bolts. If you try to mount via the main upper and lower bolts first you will limit alternator maneuverability and thus will likely run into difficulty trying to align the rear bolts. I would buy a short, I believe it was 13mm, combination wrench--you know the short version, not the regular size because the radiator limits the ability to get the wrench on the two rear alternator bolts. The short version will do the trick.

I would still search because there has been a lot of input on this topic.

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Ive done it on my 95 STS when I had it and the key is it comes out through the bottom I learned, take the A/C splash shield off and theres a plate that can be removed so that you can gain access to remove it through the bottom. Be sure to have everything out of the way because its a tight fit. Be sure do dissconnect battery and the bolts are 15mm I believe, and its easier to use a dogbone wrench to remove the back bolts instead of a regular box end open end.

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