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Limited Slip Differential


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Here's something I found that's looks like it could help prevent the P039 code. I also read a post where transmission problems were being caused by a corroded TCC wire at the transaxle connection. So, tomorrow I'm going to pull the transaxle harness apart and clean the connections.


Electronic Modulator

- Increase transmission line pressure reducing burnt clutches & bands

- Delay the timing of the application of the torque converter clutch eliminating TCC shudder, chug & stress, and engine bogging when pulling loads

- Eliminates the need to install complicated "valve body kits"

- Compatible with specific computer controlled transmission applications

- For the do it yourself (DIY) mechanic Plugin installation!


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So I guess the LSD will cure the torque steer issues in 1st gear?.....Wish I would have known about it before I had my tranny rebuilt...Id give anything to eliminate that dreaded 1st gear torque steer....Also took a look at the interceptor....Guru you got any comments?


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