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Has anyone encountered the "Service Engine Soon" light comming on? I have almost 90,000 miles on the car? Is there a way to reset the counsle light or do I have to take it to the dealer. I thought maybe it was because the miles were close to 100,000 that it triggered. Any help would be great.


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Simultaneously press and hold the OFF and PASSENGER WARMER buttons on the climate control panel. Any codes stored will be displayed on the information center.

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KHE & Ranger,

I just did the test and would like to know if these are serious or just checks?

I know my drivers seat power just went out and may be triggering the light. I am thinking if I get the power seat fixed it will reset?

B2119 Lumbar for/aft sensor failed

B2120 Lumbar up/down sensor failed

B1983 Device power circuit low

B08603 Battery 2 out of range

P0603 Control module long term memory reset

P1645 Evaporative Emission (EVAP) vent solenoid control circuit


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It is located on the rear cam cover, next to the coil pack. It just slides off of the mounting braket to the left as you are looking at it. It has an electrical connection on top and three vacuum hoses connected to it. I think the rear one is just a vent. Just remove it, swap the connections and slide it back on. Should take all of 5 minutes, no tools required.

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