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Coolant lines

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My 94 STS is leaking coolant from one of the two metal lines which is rusty.

We are hoping to replace both but my mechanic had a hell of a time just getting the first one removed nevermind replacing it and moving on to fix the second one.

Is there some secret method of easily attacking this chore or is it just another one of those real pain in the *smurf* repairs which comes with being a fan of an old STS?

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To gain more access to the lines, remove the two top "dogbones", and the cooling fans.

The subframe is held to the car with approx. 10 bolts. (4 or 5 on each side).

Almost totally remove the front pair of subframe bolts. Then

loosen the next pair a bit less. The next pair less again. Last pair is barely loose.

This drops the subframe in the front by a couple inches and causes the engine to "rock" forward.

You now can remove the lines fairly easily.


2008 STS V8
2016 Colorado Z71
1970 Corvette LT-1 Coupe

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