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Carpet /Ceiling Cover Cleaning


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Any recommendations as to how to best clean auto carpet. My Eldo carpet needs some TLC and before I do anything I would appreciate any input on the subject. I've searched this topic and didn’t find anything. Also, the ceiling cover is a bit dirty in places and would like to see what can be done about cleaning it.

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For both - it depends on what the stain/material is on the carpet or headliner.

Tar or paint can be a real problem that needs to be broken down (safety is part of the issue here). A detail guy I used to know removed the seats & carpets - if really bad - to high-pressure wash them with hot water. He would then switch to high-aromatic sprays like ether (starting fluid) for oil-base stains (if parts removed from the car). Any heavy-duty, degreaser for oil-base stain removal might damage plastics/wires etc...(unless specifically designed and tested).

Stay away from any bleach or concentrated, general purpose cleaners like Simple Green.

If only dirt/mud/food - then I would use a steam (hot-water) carpet cleaning machine vac handheld attachment for furniture. That should be safe for the floor and get out most of the crud (including old cleaners). If you use carpet cleaners in a can - then be aware that the detergent is simply pushing the material down further into the carpet/seats (if no vac used ASAP).

The headliner is a bit more of a problem with what kind of stain it is and any electronics (like a sun roof controls etc) that might not handle much moisture.

Good luck :)

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