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My Project update-RWD

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I love the lame comments people have made on your car domain page. Sounds like half of them have never worked/owned a car. Anyways, I wish you good luck with the completion of your project.

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what can I run? right now nothing. lol its not running yet. but soon ill be running with the Z06 vettes and moddified f-bodies or anything else

I picked up two sets of heads to port and polish up nice. Cant wait to finish those. Then a set of custom cams from a shop

head port matched, intake, headers to 2.5 duals straight to muffs, computer laptop tuning for aftermarket harness, custom cams and depending on how my car weighs out after im all done, weight reduction lol

that should be good for about 450HP on the low side...

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I'm glad to see everything working out as nicely as it did. I was actually just thinking about your project the other day, wondering how it was comming along.

You should be proud, there is alot of guys that would not have the persistance (or the means) that you do to take on such a heavy project, and "gitt er done" the way you did.

You're on the home stretch, Good Luch with the final details!

" ...'took my Cobra down t' the track, hitched to the back o' my Cadillac..."

- Jan & Dean, 'hey little cobra'


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4 girlfriends? I'd say you are doing pretty good! :lol: Stop complaining, a lot of us would love to have 4 girlfriends! :lol: What a plus! Focus on your hobby and have 4 girlfriends? Cool... Forget about the car, give us tips on how we can get 4 girlfriends! :lol:

I need a new hobby! :unsure:

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