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AOL and black boxes


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AOL did a story today on GM black boxes. They asked to use a image from our website.

I did not know the story was being released today....


Thats my left hand.....and the air bag SDM in the fake 2001 DTS.

Yes, we are available for kids partys....

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If the box helps to prevent insurance fraud then I'm all for it. But the likely scenario is that insurance companies will not lower rates, assuming these boxes help to curb fraud and costs, they'll just make more money and raise salaries.

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I agree....

The problem is......law enforcement IS getting into the using the Vetronix CDR tool.

The best quote in the AOL article is this...

"I didn't want some poor soul to have an accident and have this information used against him without his even knowing it was there," says Arkansas State Senator Jimmy Jeffress (D), who pushed the bill. "

We have seen some crash data reports....several cases where sloppy police downloads lost the crash data. Crash data that could prove the driver did no wrong.

We also have seen some dragnet efforts.

But yet....they are still pushing the VH charges thru the system.

You need to know about this crash data!

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That trigger finger looks like it hasn't throttled that RC truck in some time.LOL Is there a way to retrive the box info, BEFORE the Law could mess with it? I mean to capture/save the info for proof of no wrong doing, or........


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Yes....I do need to get the stadium truck out.....no time...HOT issue...

We see it over and over...

That hot rod shot leaving the Home Depot for example....thats all it takes...

Hit someone.....good chance you will see vehicular homicide charges...

Happens every day.

Law enforcement IS using this equipment.

Airbag deployment the crash date is permently recorded in the airbag SDM module. I'm not too worried about that crash data. Its the 'near' deployment crash data I'm worried about. It does get recorded. But....it can be wiped out....

That crash data can be lost if you bump the box while powered up.

I have seen personally several VH cases....where the there was no deployment...but the crash data was lost by law enforcement downloads..

You guys need to know about this. Its not the future but happening right now. Please see:


I am going to go dig up a classic 'loss crash data' case right now. I will post a example latter this morning.

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It appears we destroyed that crash data document.

It does not surprise me.

Anyway, it was a download by law enforcement where all the data fields showed 'invalid'.....

Hmmm.....if the module is out of the car.....and is bumped......all the data fields will indicate 'invalid.' It was a flubed police download.

The police are yanking everyones air bag module....GM... Ford....Chrysler.....Kia....etc...its actually very common..

GM and NHTSA love these black boxes. They know that once YOU know the boxes are there....guess what....you drive safer...

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Found the crash document.

This is from a actual vehiclar homicide case.

GM pickup hit a motorcycle head on.

No air bag deployment.

The stored crash data was lost by the police when the module was bumped while powered up using the Vetronix CDR.

Clues that the air bag module was bumped...

SIR warning lamp 'on.'

Seat belt 'unbucked.'

All data fields display 'invalid.'

This can only happen when the module is powered up while disconnected from the air bag system. Yes, it will set codes and an air bag lamp 'on', no, it cannot see the seat belt switch, and no way for the module to 'see' any vehicle data. Hence the 'invalid' fields.

Very clumsy work. Basically, destruction of evidence by the police.


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My take, Don't bump the Box if you want the data to remain intact. Thanks. You gotta make time to be a kid again/still with that sweet smelling RC nitro burner.


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