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Battery draining in 95 Deville

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Hello everybody,

I had to exchange a new battery after two months. Something drained it to the point where it could no longer hold a charge. I know that this could be either the starter or the alternator, but I would like to try to weed out simpler-potential problems beforehand. What would you check first? Also, do these codes identify this problem? Any response appreciated.

95' Cadillac Deville 4.9L

RO61, RO62, PO52, and IO52



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Its not likely the starter. I don't think the 95 has a volt meter so you can see at what rate your alternator is charging. If I were you I would take it to a shop and let them test your charging system to see what your alternator is putting out (like Sears) or use a voltmeter to she how she is charging.

I would also check the battery cables for corrosion that has crept upward away from the terminals creating high resistence and I would clean the connectors really good meaning take off the positive insulator and clean the two connectors and lug while I inspected the wire itself. Try bending the wire about 3 inches above the connector (especially the positive cable) if the corrosion has crept into the wire it will feel stiff...as compared to the wire 12 inches back. Check your tensioner to see if its binding and not applying correct tension..

R061 SIR Indicator Circuit Failure

R062 Redundant SIR Indicator Circuit Failure

R052 Data Area Full

IO52 Keep Alive Memory Error

Try disconnecting your battery for a few minutes and see if these codes go away

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