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Vibration update

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Turns out, one of the other dealerships that this dealer owns has the Hunter balancer mentioned in the earlier post. That's where they took the car this time. Well guess what, it still shakes a little at that speed, especially when letting off the gas. But not near as bad as before, so now I'll just wait until the tires wear out, and replace them with Michelins, and go from there. Jim

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Two no-cost procedures you might consider.

One: Confirm the torque on each and every wheel lug nut to 100 lbs/ft with a known - trusted torque wrench.

Two: Test drive the same highway surface with the gear selector in "3" instead of "D".


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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It's too bad you were not able to witness the process. Most of these guys, even though they do this everyday, don't really want to take the time to satisfy the customer. It would have been helpful to know where each of the tires ended up on the road force. If they just do what the machine tells them, you usually end up with a half@$$ed Job. I was able to change out 2 tires, smooth out the ride, then finally change the last two Goodyears out last week, two years later. One side benefit to the Michelins, at least compared to my 5 year old/65,000 mile Goodyears (outstanding wear BTW) is the the whole car rides quieter. If I would have known this before, that alone would have probably justified the cost of 4 tires. One of the last two Michelins I purchased, on the initial mount, was "machine rejected" at 26 lbs road force. After matching the tire to the rim, the force went down to 14 lbs. I was skeptical and felt that I would CERTAINLY be able to feel it, so I had the new tires put on the front (that way I would feel it more easily in the steering). Much to my surprise, it was good. I will run them for a while, then have them rematched and rebalanced.

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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