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Heated Seats

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Here's the situation.

The wife bought a 2003 CTS over the internet from a dealer in Ohio.

The info on their website (with the VIN#) said the car has heated seats.

When the wife spoke to the salesman over the phone he said it had HS.

He even went as far to say all caddys have heated seats.

My wife flew to Ohio and drove the car back home and when we were looking it over and reading the owner's manual, saw where it was an option and realized it didn't have the buttons.

I checked the Service Parts Identification Label and it's not listed.

My question, can they be added to a car that didn't come with it?

How much is this option?

Of course the dealer is being real slow (what a surprise!) in responding to our demand.


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:) YES,they can be added at a trim shop. I bought a 97 used SLS and the dealer had heated seats installed as part of the deal. They were installed at CUSTOM TRIM in AKRON. The controls were on the console the same as the ones from the factory.They had high and low settings and worked great.I don't know the cost as it was part of the deal. Good luck.
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