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I/S Temp Sensor


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This project started out as an exploritory venture to determine if the aspirator tube was connected/not kinked. The dash pad has to be removed. Disconnect the battery (NO S.I.R. suprises) A Small Thin Bladed Tool(SM speak for screwdriver), is used to GENTLY pry the two small tabs retaining each of the four air deflectors, to gain access to the screws. The tabs are GENTLY pushed by inserting the STBT through the lower part of the deflectors. There are three more screws under the defroster grill. I took out the glove box as well to see all the "Tube plumbing" and blend door linkage. The SM instructs to push out the three switches by removing the box light lens and sticking your finger through the opening. YA right. Skip that and just pull the box out and disconnect the three connectors. The SM instructs to remove the instrument cluster to remove the wood dash trim panels, AFTER you remove various fuses. I just removed the IC screws and raised it to gain access to the trim screws. and access to the lower screws that retained the IC lens. I removed the lens and made it NEW by polishing it with Meguiar's #17 Clear Plastic Cleaner and a couple of coats of EagleOne NANO-Wax. Once I got the wood trim off I could see the CAUSUAL placement of the foam rubber gaskets. They were BLOCKING about 70% of each vent. I replaced them with some carefully split silicone fuel tubing (RC Car stuff). The defroster grill never did sit flat after the dealer replaced the sun-light sensor. I could see why. The vinyl/foam rubber had separated from the hard plastic shell, which didn't let the grill sit flat. I placed some double-sided trim tape between the foam rubber and shell. Then drilled needle small holes through the vinyl/fr/shell and stiched it flat with some button/carpet thread. The universe is now back in order, LOL....


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So far, on my car, I have:

1) Replaced Cabin Filter

2) Replaced Passenger Mirror Glass

3) Investigated a Driver Mirror memory system issue

4) Helped my dealer resolve a leaky trunk

5) Solved a front end rubbing noise

6) Checked the Tranny Oil level.

7) Re&re'd the radio to fix how the dealer had installed it..

8) Reset my tire pressure sensors...

With the exception of the last item, which required a $3 ceramic magnet I got at Home Depot... There is no such thing as an "easy" project on these cars.

The little bulb behind my "Info" "On/Off" button is intermittent now... Given how deep you have to dig to the dash get to it and how many fragile and expensive hard plastic bits are in the way... I'm going to ignore it for awhile...

Don't get me wrong... I love this car... Totaly awesome!

Thanks for the dash disassembly post...


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