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Need help identifying door part


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I have a 1993 Cadillac Sedan Deville and I have a small rolling wheel that rolls everytime I open and close the door which is between the door hinges that's tearing up and I need to replace it.

I very likely will have to go to the dealer to buy the new part.

Does anyone know what this part is so I can tell the parts man at the counter what I'll need? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Yeah mine on the drivers side is cracked and makes horrible noises everytime i use the door. I guess plastic gets old... where do I get a new one? Is there a trick to putting it on?

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I would just go talk to the parts counter person at your dealer. If you describe it, they can can pull up a drawing of the door hinge on the computer to help identify the roller. They might only stock the entire hinge assembly or it might be a generic type part that fits a lot of GM doors and it might be available separately. It certainly can't hurt to ask.

If you can't get one at a reasonable price from your dealer, you should check the wrecking yards. It's kind of an odd little part and they might just give it to you, especially if you are buying another part at the same time.

It's even possible you could find one at a large auto parts store (especially if it's a one size fits all type part).

Looks like it would be easy enough to R & R the little jewel - just be careful not to let that big coil spring mash your fingers!


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