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Hi all,

For anyone interested, here's some pics of the replacement of the filter in the side case.

I'm getting ready to change the lower pan gasket and scavenger screens. I'll post these pics also.

Note the last pic shows that cursed dip stick - from the INSIDE of the case. One of the few times it sees any daylight! :lol:


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I am hoping to change my side pan gasket at some point, I am going to torque it to spec first and see if I can get the leaking under control.. I still need to make sure all my cooler line o-rings are ok.

This job typically requires dropping the carriage, but I may try removing the old gasket and slipping the new gasket over the pan, the hard part will be making sure the sealing surfaces are clean of old gasket material. However something tells me that the old gaskets since they are reusable don't stick, what did you find with the side pan, did the old gasket need to be scraped off, or did it pull off cleanly? Thanks, mike

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