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Looks like an even race to me... You have at least 35 HP on him, but he has a 500lb weight advantage... I would say you should be able to take him... Unless he has a 6 speed AND knows how to drive it :lol::lol:

Is his stock? lots of good aftermarket mods available for the LT1, most that are easily hidden... :ph34r: that can wake this motor up... If he has modifed his like you have modified yours, you are going to spend most of the race looking at the back of his car :(


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Yeah, I agree -- if his is stock, and given that his is also an automatic, you'd have a good shot. The 6-speed Z28s of that era would do 0-60 in the low 6 second range, but an automatic should be a bit slower.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

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I went with a 93 convertible auto Z28 from about 40 MPH-100MPH and it was pretty much a tie i was very close to getting by him when i looked down and seen i was at 100mph and i said this is enough and let off i think if i kept goin i would have got by him!

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If both cars are properly tuned and the drivers aren't idiots, the Camaro will win 10/10. He has 275 h.p. and will run low 14's in the slowest combo available (Convertible/ 2.73 gears and a/t). Most will go high 13's with very little attention.

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