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'97 Deville transmission questions


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Hi all,

I've got some questions about the transmission in my '97 Deville (4T80E).

I have removed the transmission from the car (with the engine) and plan to replace all the fluid.


1) Do the scavenger screens have to be replaced? The manual indicates this, but it seems this is only needed after a transmission rebuild.

2) I have already dumped most of the fluid from the torque converter. Is it necessary to refill the converter prior to reinstalling - or will the transmission pump do this without causing any problems?

Any comments from the experienced appreciated. :)

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1a) The screens only need to be cleaned and put back in place.

2a) Dumping out the torque converter is usually not recommended, it tends to dislodge particles, that can now be circulated through the transmission. It would be better to just replace the torque converter.

Now is the time to replace the actual transmission filter.


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