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Water pump removal

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Hello, I'm R&R a water pump for a VIN9 Northstar '95. I'm down to the water pump and I have the special socket.

My question is I'm using a breaker bar and this water pump will not break lose. I'm afraid i'll break something like the water pump bell housing...Is there a trick to this?. Am I suppose to turn the socket counter-clock-wise or clock-wise?

It was a sinch getting to this part, now I just can't figured out how to break this lose.

feedback would be much appreciated.

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Turn the pump CLOCKWISE to remove it. If you attempt to turn it counterclockwise to remove it, you'll bend the tabs and it will be real difficult to remove.

On cars with the green coolant, the pump sometimes corrodes into place dur to lack of cooling system maintenance. An impact wrench will zip it right out.

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