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92 Seville Audio Changes

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I'm new to this message board but I posted on the old one years ago. I have a silver-gray 92 seville with about 70k miles now in 05.

These are the things I've changed from a stock DELCO non BOSE audio system:

2 5.25 component speakers for the front. They look like the left image without the grill that doesn't fit in the door. The front speaker covers pop off and the 5.25s are a match for a replacement.


2 6x9 component speakers for the back. Like the left one in the image without the grill that doesn't fit. To replace the 6x9s I took out the back seat (bottom part) by pushing down-back and then up-forward, there is a latch. Then to get the back seat out there are 2 large nuts in the car and 2 small nuts in the trunk. I used lots of washers when putting the trunk bolts back on. The rear window-sill cover had 3 plastic snaps and a some glue. Under the cover the 6x9s are hooked into a plastic frame with metal clips. I cut the plastic off, and drilled holes to attach the new speakers and added styrofoam to prevent vibration. The 4ohm 6x9s worked even though the DeLCO amp was expecting 10ohms of resistance.


After swapping out the front and back DELCO speakers with Alpine Speakers I noticed that the highs sounded more defined and separated from the lows since the component speakers were similar to the original 4 DELCO speakers, + 6 small speakers inside them creating noticeably separated highs. Personally I liked the original DELCO speakers. I've listened to a 99 Cadillac BOSE system, and I doubt this 92 will ever sound as nice as that to me but I can give the 92 more base, and make it louder than a stock 99. I wouldn't recommend spending the time and money to replace Audio Systems or car parts in general unless they're broken, or if you want to make an investment you'll lose money on, and enjoy it.

Also added to the list of changes from stock that have been done are:

2 home-made white and black matching 13"x13" boxes with 2 10" subwoofers (still lots of trunk space).


A 50Watt RMS x 4 Amp. This amp has enough power to max out the interior upgraded speakers and make them ear damaging loud even in parallel (left front and back) and (right front and right back) at 50Watts RMS a pair making 2 sets of 8ohms. The amp doesn't seem to mind and it has 50Watts x 2 RMS to pound the subs as loud as they go also.


And a 12 Disc FM Modulated CD changer (no picture)

I might remove the CD changer and get this if the DELCO Amp with antenna hookups is not compatible with the rest of the system. It reads 45Watts x 4 but is actually something like 16Watts RMS x4 so I plan on using the 50Watt RMS x 4 Amp:


If you have a wiring diagram for the DELCO amp I'd really like to give it a look, and maybe you can answer a few question about it I have such as: the etched numbers don't show up on all the plastic wiring harnesses, what wires are what? On the top there are 8 audio inputs? when some are removed the head unit doesn't turn on, but when the others are removed the head unit turns on, are they the 8 left right front back wires separated into 3 and 5? Also on the bottom of the DELCO amp in the trunk there are 4 rear speaker wires out and 4 front speaker wires out, and 3 wires in for + - and remote, but there is also 1 more wire, is that the antenna? I have an Ohm meter but if I don't know what I'm looking for I can mess it up.

If you plan on upgrading your stereo e-bay is where I got all the alpine items all for 50% or more off list after shipping and most of the items new in box 2005 models.

Welp, thats my current setup, maybe the rear seat removal info will help someone get to the 6x9s; I thought adding washers was a good idea.

I've looked into satellite radio setups by the companies XM and Sirius. I was told portable Sirius units will be out soon.

Any comments about this post and or anything to do with car audio would seem logical and appropriate here to me.


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Do you use a specific store on ebay? Very impressive setup! How does it sound? I find that my OEM delco non Bose unit doesn't put out the highs at all. Mike

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Here are a some car audio sellers and or stores on e-bay that I've had smooth transaction with. I haven't had any problems to mention with car audio auctions online, but some people get broken items and compain about the items in the feedbacks.

Here are some feedback links:





Those links go to the peoples feedback where you can see the positive % amount. They all make lots of sales. There are links on the right to the Items and Stores. Checking completed items usually gives me an idea of what the going rate is for an item.

Glad you like my setup. For looks I've been thinking about face plate adapters for a non stock deck. I like the large buttons and the simplicity of stock decks in cars, and don't really want an aftermarket head unit, but if don't figure out the DELCO amp wiring an after market deck is the thing to use. I've seen some clever mods on this board with custom plate adapters. I've been thinking about putting wood veenier around a small deck but haven't seen any zebra wood that the cadillacs use for sale online.

John (anyone got 92 seville DELCO amp wiring info?)

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"I find that my OEM delco non Bose unit doesn't put out the highs at all"

Ya, the highs are not the best on the stock DELCO, but it is a Cadillac system so I wouldn't consider them poor. I read on the board some people have replaced the frot 5.25 speakers with new 5.25s and small sperate tweeters and atempted to mount the tweeters up high on the door for better sound. This could have been before component speakers were common. I haven't seen pictures of this but mounting extra tweeters up high in or on the door seems possible. I read the new STS with 15 speakers has speakers in the head rest to the left and right on the seat.

The Alpine SPS-130a 5.25s I have:


have a 15° adjustment on the tweeter so it can be aimed up and back a bit. The tweeter is aimed straight out in the picture. This aiming of the tweeter only works with the plastic frame, that doesn't fit in the 92 seville SLS door under the stock cover, off.


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im not sure if this would help but i just had a cd player put in my seville and i tell u this ITS A PIAN in the bank for real be ready to spend alil bit if u can ind the right wiring kit i dint have the bose system so u have to order this 17 ft wiring harness to hook up to the amp in the trunkthen run ur amp wirs up to the frotn the wing kit was 35 before tax and some darn 92 sevilles have collum shifters like mine which is the 91 dash so hope this prepares u

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