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2001 STS WOT "Squeal"

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Hello all,

Couple of weeks ago, and then again today I noticed what sounded like a short "belt squeal" during heavy acceleration in my 2001 STS with just under 60k miles. The first time it was while accelerating from a stop when I heard it "squeal" for just a second or two. The second occurence was today during a 25-60 acceleration just before the transmission shifted at redline (2nd to third?). Again in both instances the sound was that of a short term "belt squeal".

Since it doesn't happen often and isn't something that I can replicate every time my guess is that the dealer will tell me that "all is good". Anybody have any experience or guesses what the "real" issue might be?

Thanks in advance,


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I had a similar problem in that I suffered a momentary "squeal" as I went through 1700rpm. Interestingly, it turned out that it ONLY occurred when the AC was on. The idler (tensioner?) pulley bearing was bad, and it ONLY acted up when the additional load of the AC compressor was online.



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