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OT: Can a honda push 500 horses?


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I highly doubt it... however there is a chance that it has some sort of engine swap... then maybe. I cant believe that much NOS would be good for engine life anyways.

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There is an old hot rodding saying that goes along the lines of "you can swap any engine into any car" and "you can get any engine to make any level of power". It all comes down to how much money you want to throw at a project...

Regardless, it will always only be a CRX :lol::lol:


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a friends rx7 gen 2 is pushing 400 plus a 150 NOS boost ......my opinion is it's possible . Is the guy asking less than $15000 for the car though ? Rx7 engine build was close to $17k w/out NOS , heavier clutch , etc , etc

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