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I027 ?

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Unusual I became the error code I027 (PRND321 sitch failure),

what is it ?

If I clear these code... all 1000 to 2000 mls these error code is displayed.

Where is these switch ?

What is the problem ?

Thank you very much.

With best wishes from germany


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It is the Park Reverse Neutral Drive 3rd 2nd 1st (gear) switch. It should be located on the top of the trans or there about. Follow the shift cable to it. It may be out of adjustment (there is a proceedure in the shop manual) or maybe just a loose or dirty connection.

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It should be right on the top of transmision.

ah.. i thought that was the Park/Neutral Position switch or "neutral safety switch"?.. Same thing?

I also got I027 about twice the last week..

The car also is having problems starting in P. I start it in N mostly unless I'm feeling lucky..

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