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Keyless Remote not working - 1994 Eldorado


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I have a 1994 Eldorado and suddenly the door locks cycles on and off by themselves while I was gooing doen the road....no problem, I thought.

This happened before and the keyless remote would not work....so i went to this site and did the keyless remote reset procedure and presto....all has been fine for about 10 months...til now

I have tried the procedure this time with no luck. I can get the locks to cycle as I ground the black wire in the trunk, but it appears that my keykess remotes will not respond when I am doing the next part of the procedure.

I changed the batteries in the keyless remotes after this thinking that they might be weak since they were not responding in the procedure....but the results were still the same.

My question, what else do you think might be the problem? Are there any other steps or checks I can do to get my keyless remotes to work?

Thanks for the help


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