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Engine dies II


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Tested the fuel pressure. Stays above 40 PSI at all times. Runs for exactly 8 seconds and dies. Runs really nice when its running. Cleared the codes and then let it die several times. I get a P032, open MAP, P071, intermitent MAP, P074, intermitent IAT, and an R061 and an R062. I don't have anything that tells me what these are. Can a bad MAP or IAT sensor make the car die in exactly 9 seconds every time? I'm still leaning towards something going haywire in the security system. Anybody have any ideas?

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GM had some goofy 1994 ECMs related to MAP sensors errors. I would think by now those issues would have shown up.

That being said, it could be a bad PCM. Try tap testing the PCM.

A GM Tech 2 should be able to clear this up.....how close are you to Nashville?

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