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96 Sts Passenger Air vents.Always blowing Cold


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Anyone ever experience similar problems?

My heat will blow properly on the "drivers side"

But continually blows cold on the pass. side

I had a similar problem awhile back on my wifes 97 plymouth voyager

...It was the "Climate controls" ...where u turn the heat/air off/on

Dealer charged about 600 to fix it

Am I looking at the same situation?

Any help appreciated..


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Might be a sticky actuator. Try running the temp up to 90 then back down to 70 or what ever you set it at to exercise the actuator.

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actuator door. if it's the passenger side it's cheaper than the driver side because of the work they have to do to get to it. It cost me about 200 to get it done.


96 STS

see www.adumbrecords.com for my 96 STS smoking several cars at the track

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I think so. Another posibility is a heater core pluged. Bottom half is clogged and air is stratified (hot on top and cold on the bottom). Flushing the heater core usually solves that situation.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Guys...

I took the cover off under the passenger side glove box...

Only saw one actuator....and it is working properly....as i change temps

Any other ideas?

Guess I'm gettin ready to investigate the possibile heater core next

Any feedback appreciated

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If the actuators are working properly, I would disconnect the heater hoses and flush the heater core with a garden hose. Adapt the garden hose to the heater hoses and reverse flush. Create backpressure by alternately pinching off and releasing the inlet hose.

Blow out the water from the core, reconnect the heater hoses, and top off the coolant.

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If you have dual zone heating, there are two actuators. As I recall one is higher and easier to see thru the glove box and the other is lower and easier to see from underneath.

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