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2000 STS Engine Replace


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2000 STS Northstar Engine R&R Pics

My N* failed at 130,000 miles after WOT hard acceleration.

I checked the compression on the bank 2 cylinders while the engine was still in the car. It ranged from 50 to 80 PSI on the 2-4-6-8 cylinders.

I found a new 300HP N* engine on Ebay and I am going to put it in tomorrow.

What adjustments need to be made to the PCM for the new engine?

Crank Position Sensor Learn?

Throttle Position Sensor Learn?

Anything else?

Are there any hacks to perform these operations or must I take it to the dealer?

2000 STS Northstar Engine R&R Pics

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Can I buy one of the coil banks off the old engine?

One of mine got melted when a spark plug blew out. It still kinda works.....so far....but I need a replacement coil bank.

Let me know.

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