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door trim


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panel on the driver's front door.

I'm reading my GM service manual but I can't locate the 2 screws in the carpet area. What carpet? All I see is leather trim around the door.

I just don't want to start pulling on it and break something.


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it is refering to the carpet used in the 92-95 model years, which was used on the lower section of the door, which was replaced by a vinyl map pocket as of 96.

From personal experience, my 95 with carpet that is, I have had the door panel off a few times before to repair speaker and power window issues.

The carpet folds at a 45 degree angle upwards, at the rear of the door. I'm sure you can relate this to your car, but with my carpeted door, I used a thin screwdriver head to pry from the bottom rear of the carpet insert, to which it folded up and revealed the screw hole you are looking for.

I hope this helps. If you need clarification, I could take a picture of my door/carpet for you.

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Thanks for your help STS Scott.

I was able to remove the door panel without breaking anything.

Is there someplace on the forum or a member that I could get a part number from?

The part is the Handle Bezel Left for the driver's front door.

(97 seville)


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