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:blink: Well, they're at it again. The May issue of C&D is out with their sport sedan comparison road test.

The STS finished 2nd last, just barely above the Jaguar (Lincloln LS) S type.

Among comments, they call the STS too soft, and are lukewarm on the interior design.

The BMW, Lexus, Audi, Acura, and Infinity all placed ahead of the STS.


Perhaps the STS will simply finish first in the showroom sales race, which is what really counts

With the guaranteed bad reviews, I may be able to afford one of these beauties used someday ... it'll never happen with all the hype on the Lexus 430.

1989 FWD Fleetwood, Silver

1995 STS Crimson Pearl on Black leather

1997 STS Diamond White

1999 STS Crimson Pearl

2001 STS Silver

2003 STS, Crimson Pearl

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Somebody posted in reference to this a few weeks ago...anyways, people made comments about car and driver and american makers and bias and this and that. I agree but than again C/D has great reviews for the SRX putting it in the catagory of 5 best trucks, the SRX winning the Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle catagory. The review is excellent, they have nothing but positives for the SRX. I definatley do not agree with thier critique of the new STS however. Just a thought. Here is the link anyways.

SRX C&D Link


Christopher Petro

94 sts

67 coupe de Ville

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The "rag mags" are all biased against anything American! Try autoweek.com as they are the least biased of all the publications. Why do these publications refuse to take the CTS head to head with the 3 series on all levels? The CTS-V beats the 3 series M and the model compares favorably right on down the ladder! Autoweek DID test the 5 series vs the STS, and gave a slight edge to the 5. But at the end of the article, as an afterthought, they mention that they had a problem with the STS shifter that "magically" fixed itself after the test. The power to weight ratios do not match up to the performance figures published either. The 5 series M car is only 1/10th quicker in the 1/4 mile yet costs 40 grand more! That fact is not published either. I am not talking about the old 5M, but the new one. The reality is that the journalists are trying to "kick GM in the butt" by being overly biased. But it is about time that they recognize the efforts of Caddy, and they have yet to do so. One day we will ALL be working for imported interests! Buy American because America is being bought and sold by foreign interests as we speak.

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I have not read the article so I cannot comment on their judgements. All I ca do is offer my opinion. I hate the new STS!!!!!! It looks just like a CTS. Why buy the STS when you can get a CTS for less? I like what Cadillac did with the old Catera. The found a winner in the styling. But instead of taking the cues from the CTS and making a longer sleeker version, they just puffed it up a little and called it a STS. Which is why I will not consider 5 or 7 series BMW's and the Mercedes E and S class. They are too much like the 3 and C bodies.

I was excited when I saw the first 93 Seville. The car looked strong! My first thought was Cadillac had finally made a luxury SPORT sedan. Not their normal squishy, make-you-seasick-while-driving car. Then they dropped a N* in it. BAM! Sucess!

I am disapointed in the new STS. It looks like a little fat pig.

I have no where to go now. My 97 STS is getting old and I want to get something new, but there is only the XLR that still makes me think that Cadillac knows what they are doing. I cannot afford 70,000 for a car right now, so I will be looking elsewhere.

Sorry Cadillac, you lost a future repeat customer.

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I picked up an issue of Car magazine, from England, and in it they had great things to say about American cars - including Cadillac. Its a cool mag, worth a look.

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