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2006 STS


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I'm not sure if this was previously posted, but I think fell in love with this Cadillac.

I have always been in the middle of the fence since GM changed their Cadillac line, but I think this STS did it for me.

I would really like to see that in all black, then I could be 100%.

What does everyone think about it?

Impressive specs.

"Cadillac, it's not a car, it's an obsession"


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Is there something drastically different than from the 05 sts? Is the 06 even out? I am confused...however I do like the sts. I have my reservations about the rear seat and have yet to drive one so I guess I don't know that much.


Christopher Petro

94 sts

67 coupe de Ville

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Cant help with the car in black.....

But that being said.... here are some excellent pics of the euro version STS.

Go figure...the euro version uses clear LED brake lights....

Crap...10 years ago the LEDs were outlawed in euro.


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