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SO50--The Death Code

Vince P

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The Dreaded SO50 trouble code

Is the RSS computer module dead???

1994 SLS

System: RSS - Road Sensing Suspension

Trouble Code: SO50 Current –RSS module fault

Trouble Shooting: None listed. Just a note to replace the RSS module

Another Note: After replacement a Tec-1 is necessary to calibrate the module. Can this be done without a Tec-1 (what ever that is)?

Personal Checks

Input Data: All within specified range

Output Data: All seem to be correct

4 outputs for 4 Struts (I hear each strut activate)

1 output for power steering

1 output for Rear Strut air pump (I hear the pump activate)

1 output for Rear Strut air pump bleeding (I hear the bleed activate)

All outputs go from Off to On (in GM talk from Hi to Lo)

From a functional viewpoint all seems to be working fine. Yet, I always have a SO50-Current code.


Vince P

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More Information

When the car is not moving the Outputs all read normal. Either Hi or Lo

When the car is moving the Outputs all turn into 3 horizonal lines.

I am thinking that the RSS module if fried.

Any thoughts out there?

Vince P

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